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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Great news for all Conquerors!

From March 5th to March 14th, Josiah (Twin City 434, 386) will be selling three types of the mysterious Arcane Box, all at incredibly low prices! You may have seen many sales promotions in CO, but with the fabulous Arcane Box, you can save more!

You can check out more details at

Don't miss out on it.

By the way, if you have any thoughts, spill them out here!
Looking into this more I guess, it could be good savings with the percentage off, I did not notice these at first, so if we can get that most definitely worth it especially at 75% off,


If the items were truly being bought from the market and resold then that would be understandable because the players are spending hard earned money to buy the items and they wouldn't be over populating the market with particular items. However the real problem here is that the bots are out collecting the stuff day in and day out and as we look through booths we are finding +5 normal items that are collected from bots collecting +1 items and throwing them together until they are way higher or saddle steeds being composed the same way. Prices are just way off I just feel prices need to be adjusted a little so buying from these sellers that may be bots is not such a better option then buying from TQ themselves.

Current prices in Dark server:
+3 stone - 55-65
+1 stone - 5 cps
+1 steed - 5 cps
+3 steed - 45-55 cps
+6 steed - 1350-1500
M praying stone - less than 10 cps
Meteor - 1 cp
Meteor scroll - 5 cps

Current prices in Shopping mall:
+3 stone - 108
+1 stone 9 cps
+1 steed 12 cps
+3 steed 144 cps
+6 steed 3888
M praying stone - 272 cps
Meteor - 13 cps

As far as second hand or not, the items still the same, it's just bots are coming up better then us and though we do not want to buy from those that we think are bots, buying from shopping mall is just not worth it entirely.
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