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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
- Collect meteors and sell them 1 for 1 cp or make scroll and sell them.
- Hunt down db and sell it.
- Find +1, refined, unique gears and sell them.
- Go to adventure zone and collect clean water and sell it or make celestial stone and sell for more.
- Go saddle cave and collect saddles and sell them.
- Find gems while fighting and sell them or combine them to make better and sell those.
- Do house monster, Spook, lavas, Banshee, dragon and other small bosses and sell those items.
- Collect lots of silver and sell it.
- Buy cheap garments or accessories and bless them and sell for more.
- Buy stuff cheap in market when people are selling cheap for quick sales wait and sell it for more.
- Do moon box quest and sell moonbox.
- Last i bought somethign from horse race store it was not bound so if still not do races get items and sell them.
- Join a good guild and do Capture the Flag
Just maybe, maybe -- you'll make a whole 2dbs doing that for 1 week strait
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