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GREAT LIST !! TY my kids play CO2 as well , and we dont buy them DBS cause they are too young to be given riches, we make them work for them.

It used to be they mini-farmed LOL Took them about a week , by hand leveling, to get a char to 100 non first reborn, another week to 120 to reborn and ANOTHER week to 110 Db , so every 3 weeks or so they could farm a db

Now to make cps they do some of the things on Tommits List ( some like ctf are after their bed times) as well as these :

go to the treasures in the deep , they are archers so get pretty decent coins , on our server you have to turn in the coins at 30 mins in or there arent any copper or silver left, but they get to go see lady luck at least once a day a free spin , and they make mets and praying stones and exp balls and horse racing points ( 3k) that arent bound with the silver and copper coins, which they are able to sell for a few cps a piece , they also win class 1 and 2 money packs which add up over a week or two to enough to buy a DB in market, ALSO they won a green eyed non bound perm Beast mount ohh and pick up any item coin stealers drop , should be at least ref , sometimes super !!

They do ALL the quests TQ adds for events, been getting moonboxes and stuff this go round, on our server you can get 10-15 cps a box. No matter how big or small they do the events quests , so they are blessed on their mains for like half the year for free , this is nice cause they are lil noobs who gets pkd alot.

They collect virtue points to go into labs and try and kill bosses, labs is about deserted on our server, so sometimes the Big bosses spawn back to back and they drop boxes and once a db! Supposedly they drop one soc pieces but best we have seen is an elite , 1 soc wep, which doesnt really prove it true , anythign can drop a one soc wep.
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