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Originally Posted by Impulse~ View Post
Haven't had it happen to me but I've been talking to people who have had it. rumor has it the error is due to one of three reasons, however the real reason is unconfirmed.

#1 - You apparently are a botter and you have a temporary ban on your account(disproven)

#2 - You have logged in and out too many times in a short period of time(disproven)

#3 - TQ has implemented an accounts per IP limitation(which really doesn't help anyone BUT the botters because they run on proxies, and now legit players on a shared connection[ie. netcafe, dorm, apartment, siblings] cannot login more than "x" number of accounts at one time)
Well I'm not botting, i guess i could of done the logging bit the first time but defiantly not 2nd time, and the IP thing im the only one on my IP unless someone guessed my wifis pass. Only had 1 client open to.

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