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So I saw something interesting yesterday, a non-RB warrior wearing a P6 bow in FG3 leveling with SCATTER. Next generation of bots, bypassing TQ's equipment limitations?

I don't think TQ is too broke to do anything, they act interested in cutting down botters, yet what action has been taken against the true botters, only legitimate players are being effected by the new botjail conditions, the botters just delete and remake.

Although I am content in saying that yesterday I sent 2 botting warriors to botjail(helpdesk finally put the help in help desk) both of them were wearing 2 socket +8s and +12s, so they definitely paid out, how do I know for sure? I had those char's main(who is my ally) whispering me telling me I'm a fucking pussy for ratting out botters and now he has to spend the DBs he was going to perm his gears to get out of botjail
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