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Twoflower is a character in some of Terry Pratchett's discworld novels, who is very naive and trusting but also lucky and courageous; he keeps accidentally triggering off destruction. It's actually a male name, but it sounds so feminine that I used it for females.

In one novel people die in a brawl over his money and a city is set on fire because he sold "inn-sewer-ants" to an innkeeper, who decided to collect by setting fire to his property. In another novel he triggers a revolution by writing about "What I did on my holidays" (accidentally spreading dissatisfaction with the regime he lives under).

Several other characters are named from Terry Pratchett novels. A few of the others:

NorthernLight was named after a trip to Amsterdam.

kyrie_eleison means "lord have mercy". I picked the name from a mass for the dead.

-The-Hard-Byte- is supposed to be a strong character (hard) who only exists on a computer (in bytes); also reminiscent of the term "putting the hard bite on" (someone).

Thomas.Rhymer/Tomas_Rymer was a 13th century scottish laird who was also the stuff of legends...see

Dazed and Confused are a married couple named after the Led Zeppelin song.

Henry_Martin is taken from a folk song I used to sing, a corruption of Andrew Barton, who was a privateer/pirate.
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