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Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Why not? There are plenty of Chinese pirates, as well as Japanese pirates.
Guess he means the pirates TQ made for CO don't look/feel accordingly.

Originally Posted by Snikersons View Post
lol im saying from my expiriance XD couse on my server theres only 1good pirate others are -120 and those pirate ds are dropped asap couse that pirate have permanent ds
but i dont see guns fitting in ancient china theme
Whats DS btw - Can be that thing "good pirate"

Well, they invented the black powder, fireworks and the first war rockets, grenades and guns (cannons and handcannons). Dunno about pistols but sounds like an european mechanism. Dunno who started using those as heist / burglary tools, but the japanese ninja adapted a small barrel into their swords handles, a very nasty trick for murdering samurai.

I saw in a museum a chest armor with a 30-barrel claymore-like mechanism used by ancient european officers. You face the enemy wave and blast them - Then spend half an hour reloading the thing or just raise your old rapier. I really hope TQ don't bring all those into CO.
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