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To help TQ fix this issue, why don't we try do a bit of analysis on how it could be happening?
Someone who's RECENTLY been unjustly jailed start a thread & answer the following questions, everyone else who's been unjustly jailed do the same on that thread...
[if you need help finding the answers please post such questions also]
1) What Anti Virus software are you running. Include current version & patch level.
2) What OS are you running, include current version & patch level
3) What other programs have you got open while playing conquer, include current version & patch levels. (eg skype, web browser, video recording software, are you watching DVDs?, etc...)
4) If you have a super funky special mouse please list details also. (standard hardware & drivers no need to list)
5) List if possible the exact (server) time you got jailed, and if you can the amount of time you were online prior to getting jailed (does it always happen after 10 minutes, 2 hours, or is it random? is it always within a certain period of logging on?)
6) How many clients were you running at the time? did they all get jailed?

Once we have some answers we can do some analysis & see if we need any additional information.

***MEPH this is TQ's chance! Please ask the techies if there's anything else they want to know... (try keep it meaningful/essential for 1st stage analysis)
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