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Tommit, I am with you on this one. I just about hit the ceiling when it comes to my patience in this game. I spent tons of money on this game. I am now suspending purchase of TQ cards and CPs. This game is so infested by not only the automated hunters and also by players using third party bots. I constantly get disconnected and the LAG is so annoying that it is impossible to play the game anymore. Getting disconnected while sitting down in the waiting area on Team and Elite PK last weekend was uncalled for.

TQ claims that their Bot detection system is always correct and never go wrong is a big lie. There is 100 percent truth that innocent players get Bot jailed for no reason at all. I logged on today and went to Ape to level my noob. Leveling there is impossible because of automated hunters infested the entire area. You cant even loot them because they no longer drop anything when killed.

Help Desk is also a waste of time. I always present my inquiries with respect and politeness. I dont go to them everytime i see a botters. I invited them to come and monitor the Team PK last Saturday. Opposing players that are known using third party advantage were teamed up and playing. I invited them to come and monitor. My plea was given a blind eye. All i got from them as a response was to call back again later.

I know this is a shot to the moon but I would like to send a message to TQ.
1. Do something to make this game fair and be able to play normally
2. Paying players will soon cease to exist and all that will prevail are botters
3. My purchasing ability is set to zero until existing problems are corrected ie LAG,BOTTERS,DISCONNECT,WRONGFUL JAIL.
4. TQ recently raised the prices of CPs. Your game has not improved not one bit.
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