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I'm sure Tommit wasn't botting.

Same thing happened recently to a friend and about a week ago to one of my accounts. Neither of us bots. We hate the bots and wouldn't trust the bot programs anyway. Anyone remember "bananasplit"? It didn't work on me then and wouldn't work on me now because botting or cheating in any game would spoil the fun for me.

When it happened I fell about laughing at TQ for getting it so wrong. Didn't seem to be any point in calling the Help Desk, we all know what they say: "You must have been botting" and "We don't make mistakes".

It was a particularly laggy day and I was trying to persevere through it to get some levels on a noob. My best guess so far is that the lag eased off, actions caught up and made TQ's bot catching program think I was clicking faster than humanly possible. It seems as though more people are getting this 1-day ban now, and the lagging gets worse and worse, so I wonder whether that's just a coincidence.

Does everyone get the same code (996)?
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