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This morning I got ban&Kicked, from my water tao, and my archer, now I didn't repatch my client after the maintence cause I am a lazy mofo, But I figured maybe they were kicked cause of that. so I patched got on my main a fire tao, killed some enemies, then blah, was kicked and banned. of course for the 24 hrs. all you have to do to fix it, is wait till 3 pm, Pacific Standard Time -8 hrs. then those... jokes at tq will get on the support chat. Just be like, this morning, I was on my whatever, I was in where ever, kill mobs, just sitting, w/e and I was banned / kicked, for no reason. They will ask your server and user id, I have had this happen. a fucking lot. I don't know how bad it is to swear here, but you can swear in game so what the hell huh. I have personally banned over 500 bots, in a few months. and theres mother. fer's at tq dare ban me. they got me twisted.
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