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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
Personally the way I did it was lock anything over 75 per chi section until I had my 300 to unlock the next. Then when all 4 were unlocked I went around redoing ones that I did not need. I am ninja so Magic based ones went first and now just working them out one by one until I have all my desired chis.
thats crazy, i actually waited till it was purple or gold before locking, after that reset all of mine now im stuck with under 300 points in chi. I don't really mind since they are beneficial ( getting in the top 50 rank is kinda impossible unless its 330 +)

health, physical atk, imunity, counter, crit, bt, all the ones in mine.

the colored ones are always in the 4 :P
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+7 Steed(Frostbite)
+7 Fan-1
+7 Tower-1
+7 Crop
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