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This is the strategy I used to quickly unlock all 4 gates:

First, have all slots unlocked. Click on study untill you get a purple or yellow color. (purple is s.80-89 and orange is s.90-99 I believe). Then you should lock the purple color.

Your cost for study have now risen from 50 points till 100. Keep studying again and again, untill you find a green color (s.70-s.79) or something better like purple or yellow. Lock this one, and again you need now 150 points per study. Keep studying till you find 2 more good colors (meaning green, yellow or purple). You should have over 300 points on dragon then, and you can move on to phoenix and what not.

The reason I kept studying untill i got a purple or yellow color at first, is because the cost in the beginning, when you have locked nothing is only 50 points. And later this is only higher. For example you will be in trouble f you start by locking a green color with S.70, and have 2 more green ones with S.70 and S.74. You will then need a purple one in order to have more than 300 points (since 300 - (70 + 74 + 70) = 86). And getting a purple one so good at that point is harder since cost is 200 per study.

Im not sure about the other colors but basically they are bad :P With grey the worst, white better and blue not too bad.
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