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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Well, I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to talk about the replacement of the prices for the bulk packs.

But one thing is for sure, that we would like to offer more ideal and optimal packs to the loyal fans like you guys. =)
You might not be at liberty to talk about the prices, but driving up the price leads more people to buy dbs illegally from botters, thus making more people bot to make dbs to sell for real life money.

TQ should be rewarding their honest, loyal customers, not screwing them over time and time again. This annual event for "rewarding" players depending on their vip status and how it improves during one month is a total kick in the balls. It should simply be a reward once a year for being the level vip they are and not what they credit that month.

As you are probably aware from PMs over the months, I am sick and tired with the lousy service I get from the staff - You are the only staff member that cares!! The issue I've mentioned to you several times still hasn't been sorted out which shows your superiors simply don't give a crap!
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