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很差 Mephisto I am very unhappy please read

So last month i got V.I.P 7, This month people going from V.I.P 6-7 get amazing rewards = 1 Rare +6 Steed, 1 Fatal Allure Garment, 1 Arcane Shield Weapon Accessory, 1 Silver Beast Mount Armor(-1%, P1), btw this is new, before it did not says what items u will get from the event, so again i am left TQ'ed and very upset

To top things off, i brought into the Living the high life event and brought my 10 codes only to get a crappy 1 Silver Beast Mount Armor(-1%, P1) witch is not very uni at all, btw this was before it told u what the prizes where

Fatal Allure Garment as well come on i have been after this for ages, now i have no chance of getting it
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