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I have some very important proposals in the game on how to enter the protection customers wish to submit to you and thank you for your cooperation very brightest and good treatment, I want to know there are too many problems in the Country VIP,i need to know if any customer players sharing VIP hing level for mistake then what the VIP do, if any one Open my VIP Country and sharing my VIP To your self then what me will do , Dear GM from VIP Customer players level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 To you , please agreed to any one can unbind any account from VIP for purchase one card , we don't need to upgraded my level , i need all VIP Customer make full country about VIP,i need to know the all VIP Players have many problem with it,i need to know i lost more VIP level 4 And 5 And 6 , how can me upgraded my level 7 ?? i have 2 Account level 7 And i can't kick any players from my Country we need to agreed any one can kick any players about VIP , you can only purchase one TQ Point card ?
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