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Originally Posted by User738645785 View Post
i quit playing in 2008/9 because sitting behind a screen at all hours in the morning just to play events wasn't practical on a US server (I'm British). as i made some career changes. So i gave my gear away to friends..(before Transfers )

now i've started again buying DBs im roughly at the 300BP mark and i've trained
war wat wat wat nin nin
130 > 130 > 131 > 131 > 131 > 131

120 > Blessed

120 > blessed

Leveling most days has been almost impossible because of the bots ( Ive not seen anything like it in all my years of playing multiple accounts and servers) are TQ planning to do something about this? or have they abandoned us loyal players?

Also the drops.... when i used to lvl accounts to bless gear etc, i usualy got 1 db from 1 - 120..... and definitely 1 or 2 from 1 - 130 and a ton of mets..... since i came back ive had no DBs and i can count on both hands how many met drops ive had, have i missed something? an update that lowered drop rates?

anyway my point is, is TQ doing ANYTHING about bots? besides seemingly lowering drop rates ( which badly affects other players who play the game fairly)

surely there is a better way..... compared to other games the maps are tiny... why not just employ a handful of people to regularly check servers for cheaters like every other MODERN mmo.

thanks for reading. I wasn't quite sure as to where to put this...
The bots are out of control and nothing is being done to stop them. I tried to summit screenshots of them but it is a major pain to post pics on a hosting site then post them here.

To add insult to injury the bot is deleted before TQ gets around to looking into it, so the botters get off scott free.
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