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i send to GM HC and i submit more hack case for GM know me VIP , i sit on cafe net and i don't used any fake link programs , i hope any one can believe me i have one years my account has been banned i can't believe why GM All this time not need help me i am very sad for this problem and i have good items stay with my account , lost more much +12 full 2 sockets items and i lost at this years from my other account full 2 soc +12 items Our Hack case GM not back my all items and today talk me you used fake link programs in games all my need really how can This GM Joyce know me used fake link programs and ever time i asking the to offer any proof you have i am sure i am not send by broad cast any fake link programs and i can't do that , i hope to help me when i will open my account GM Not have any proof and she stay banned me because i logging my account in normal IP Address this internet cafe I do not know that I'm important to this degree you have you will actually stop me to talk with you why all of this, I will swear to you that I can not do that and that I am innocent of what you want stolen My Account If you have a guide beg you sent him for more knowledge I beg you, I was acquitted of all charges directed to my account, I used programs and I do not know you know all this why do not you want to help me why
Account: gamalgamal955
Character Name: Gemy(s)
Game Server: Libra/Capricorn/Fury/Ryee
VIP Account Login ID:soka20102006
You have submitted the issue successfully. Your case ID is E81C6E7E7C04F1519B98EC790CCF166ADA02FE5F4566E259 .
VIP Account Login ID:saper1974
Game Server: Libra/Capricorn/Fury/Ryee
Character Name: ms.saper
my other account id: gamalgamal955
Game Server: Libra/Capricorn/Fury/Ryee
Character Name: Gemy(s)
Your case ID is: E81C6E7E7C04F1511485C26F00496E1D867E1DBB771BEAE4
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