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Originally Posted by User848875373 View Post
I agree I will not even waste my time to download CO3. This game is still both under TQ. Administratively, TQ failed all CO2 players with lack of policing their implemented rules and regulations. I also believe that TQ had also violated their own rules at the expense of the paying players. I will stay here and "maybe" spend money "if" TQ turns this game around. For the mean time, I will hold on to my money and not spend any till I see improvement. TQ has not come up with a better support and fairness to the players of CO2. CO3 is just another sceme so TQ can bleed us with more money. I cant understand why TQ have to come up with a new game instead of directing resources to upgrade and fix CO2? Does TQ think we players are stupid?
Yeah...with all the money we, players spend on co2 they could fix and improve this co2 client, not make another game....but tbh co2 owners don't give a fuck about us, imo.
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