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Originally Posted by ~KhAoS~ View Post
the "joke" that isnt that much of a joke thanks to your actions is that TQ is adding stupid updates to CO2 on purpose so that it becomes such a bad game everyone will quit and go to CO3 giving you an excuse to shut down CO2 after not a single player is left playing it.
This could also be a possibility. Burn and sink the ship so everyone will jump and swim over to the new game and start over again from scratch. This will mean more revenue for TQ. Their motto "We listen We care" is just another propaganda to lure players to the new game.

Originally Posted by ZhaoLin View Post
true but was only a question with knowledge of the answer in most cases a no ;p
would be great to play co with no bots for a time.. but then again when 3.0 comes out i will most likely stay on 2.0
since i have alrdy sank money into the game and i stick with the things i pay for instead of drop everything for something new. unless of course trading comes into play
I agree I will not even waste my time to download CO3. This game is still both under TQ. Administratively, TQ failed all CO2 players with lack of policing their implemented rules and regulations. I also believe that TQ had also violated their own rules at the expense of the paying players. I will stay here and "maybe" spend money "if" TQ turns this game around. For the mean time, I will hold on to my money and not spend any till I see improvement. TQ has not come up with a better support and fairness to the players of CO2. CO3 is just another sceme so TQ can bleed us with more money. I cant understand why TQ have to come up with a new game instead of directing resources to upgrade and fix CO2? Does TQ think we players are stupid?
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