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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Way to go! You've removed one form of botting income and replaced it with another. These quests will only benefit the botters that have 50+ accounts on at a time!!

Just remove fatal strike and replace it with a new skill already!!
you are a god damn idiot lol, yes replace a skill so botters just will double the botting noobs they have going now in order to make more and may take longer time to do the noobs with new skill or even other class skills, face it bot makers are getting ingenious and are dominating there making bots that cant even be phased let alone discovered unless its red handed by a recorder or a GM, face it the 1st rb db promo was a attack on farmers because TQ knew it would basically immobilize them severly, shit botters dont even need to get past level 130 non rb and can still make the same amount of money on a daily basis, only way to completely destroy and stop botters is something TQ already knows, they want botters here it not only creates compitition it also makes TQ money when mentally retarded botters get caught and have too pay too get out of botjail, then after that all they have to do is constantly pay severly out of pocket like the greedy TQ company wants them too do, youre all puppets on their strings and you may be able to control youreself but they will always have complete control over you, with their hand in youre asses, moving their fingers, and making you all do what they want or expect you too do, untill they decide to let you do youre own thing untill they do it again and again, ALL US VIP members mean nothing to them just a giant person is a dollar bill money sign costume, that they all get wet over when they see us, typical fools allow youreselfs to get caught in the spidersweb, while the spider and his friends watch you suffer and struggle to get free, BAM they strike and leave you feeling like a idiot trusting a company created souley on making money doing exactly WHAT THEY WANT, and suggestions,comments,polls, all those come a dime a dozen, they want youre feedback because majority of them cant even make up ideas that dont piss off or anger players, instead they decide to take ideas from the CO gaming public and completely make tens of millions of youre ideas and or any others ideas i forgot to mention to basially carry out their command like front line cadets reporting to their leutenants "Sir Yes Sir" have a great day and hopes everyone has a awesome weekend cause if CO3 is anywhere close to FG2 or even looked at by eye contact of TQ programmers that game will end up turning into CO the next shithole waiting to be walked or brought into
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