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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Greetings, CO players!

In order to combat the issues currently plaguing the world of CO, we have made the decision with serious thought to remove the Dragonball reward from the Level 110 1st Reborn promotion, as well as the mine caves, from CO. As you may have already noticed, the first change has already been implemented, while the second change will be occurring in the near future. Indeed, it is a big change for you, as well as for the game, itself. To ensure that our players’ benefits continue, we have worked out several plans to compensate for the loss of these features.

1. We will reward you with better equipments when you finish the promotion at Level 110, during your first rebirth.
2. The Dragonball removed from Level 110 1st Reborn Promotion will be given to you after you finish the promotion at Level 70, during your second rebirth.
3. You will be able to get better rewards, including Lottery Chances, +Stones, Meteors, Gems, +Steed, CPs and even Permanent Stone from the following quests: Zone Quest, Equipment Bonus Quest, Festival Quest, Weekend Quest, Daily Quest, Horse Racing, Individual/Team Qualifier.
4. You will have a chance to find Lottery Chances, +Stones, Meteors, Gems, +Steed, CPs and even Permanent Stone after you kill the following monsters: Zone Bosses, Terato Dragon, Snow Banshee, Sword Master and Thrillling Spook.

More detailed information will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned to the official website for the latest news!

In 2012, we are waging an all-out war against botters. Thank you for your support!


1 - free bound crap that aint worth anthing unless you are a noob & dont know any better.
2 - spend a week or 2 fighting every idiot for drops or spend almost 2k on token. HAHAHAHA
3 - you have to be able to log on 1st and stay logged on, then you gota be able to beat the bulkers for most the rewards that are worth getting & the rest aint worth the hassle cause they are crap rewards.
4 - most the boss drops are crap, but the drops worth getting need a bulker to help kill it or afew people you can trust which is hard on a game full of thiefs.
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