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Well... It's either 1 of 2 situations, and if its the latter, all I can say it the rich get richer and the gap is increased yet again.

I already know what it looks like because again, its straight out of a private server, because TQ is clearly incapable of designing their own shit.(Will post images later)

Situation #1. It is a a garment and is only for show, thats fine. I think its ugly personally.

Situation #2. It is a completely different armor / dragon soul item(the first phase 9?) which would indeed increase the gap between non-bulkers, bulkers, and "super" bulkers(anyone who has full +12 or higher)

We've already had the top king screwed out of gold cup because the(now enemy) other allies were just using us to get it. What's to stop whole servers kissing ass trying to get EVERYONE to join them just so they can take first in the event. Sure, if TQ wants to release some insanely powerful mob with 500mil HP that drops these souls as well, feel free. I'll be the first to perm their next souls, I've had DBs and perm stones saved since the first time I even heard rumors of phase 7/8/9s.

Although, they could just be that... Rumors... TQ is incapable of coming up with their own ideas and just mock the private servers by taking everything they develop, as far as I can see there are no more weapons in private servers for TQ to steal the designs of. Which would indicate that these souls would be so far off, because TQ would have to wait for the p-server developers to release new content for weapons.
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