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Originally Posted by Impulse~ View Post
I never said you can't earn what you have in game, Guild War, Capture the Flag, Team PK, Skill Team PK, Elite PK, Weekly PK, Monthly PK, Guild Beast, character farming. All ways of getting DBs, and there are many more. I've only ever spent $900 on CO over a course of 5 years and I've got more than double that back when I sold some DBs to an real life friend for $2 a DB. That buoght SRG gears, ever since I've been farming and just doing ladyluck, now I'm up to 3 sets of full 2 socket +8, all max dsoul permed, with +12 ring katanas fan coat hood and horse, next week I'll have the last 10 DBs I need for the +8 tower in market for 60 DBs and then I'll have a +12 tower too.

I just think it's funny how you can act like your so tough with gears that you didn't earn or pay for. So what if you only gained 3 +12s, that's a HUGE difference. If they were +8s before that is a difference of 12 battle power minimum. 12 battle power for me is the difference between 1 hitting ANYONE in the server or 1 hitting ANYONE except kings.

The difference between +8 and +12 for me would put me up to being full +12 at 382 BP only missing king. Right now I do 20k on a king when I hit with breakthrough, if I had that last 12 BP for the gears it would give me 12% more attack, 20k / 370 * 382 = 20.7k which is 800 less than his HP, although once that happens I'll change from tomb blades to grim hammers so I can get that last 1k. 3 +12s is huge.
not saying is isnt huge, just clearing up the misunderstanding some people have.
and lol for once that i bother making a huge post mr. wall-o-text only gives 3 paragraphs
L140, King
Super +12 2sdg -7 Earings p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Necky p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Katanas p6 2x
Super +12 2sdg -7 DexRing p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Boots p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Vest p6
Super +12 2stg -1 Fan
Super +12 2sgg -1 Tower
Super +12 Crop -1 2x -1 Wrenchs
+12 Frostbite Steed -1 cloudtiger
DivineRobe -1 MiraculousGourd -1
Super +12 2sdg -7 Scythe p6
Total BP: 385
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