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Originally Posted by Impulse~ View Post
Your are a counter-troll? Wait... Isn't that the exact same thing? Oh yea... but who are you counter-trolling? Because I haven't seen anybody say anything negative to you without good reason, mind you I haven't read every post from or about you, but from what I've seen you seem to make a pretty good ass out of yourself.

"good reason"...oh so you decide those now? depends on perspective.

By this point its obvious you have nothing better to do which leads me to think that you just some kid who thinks its fun to pick arguments for no apparent reason.
same answer as above
Question though, if you scammed your gears... Why did you? I mean you could deny it if you want, but why would THAT many people say you stole them? I like to keep track as to why scammers scam, so far I've got many reasons, the most common being:

1. I don't have a job to pay for my own dbs i have two jobs right now...when i go to college in september you can try this again?
2. My parents won't let me use their credit card for dbs i have bought dbs since i was 14 with my debit card which has a fair amount on it and im 18 atm so...and really you seem to be convinced one can not get strong without buying dbs..this is false i know 3 guys on my server near full +12 that didnt buy any dbs and did it.

Or sometimes both, which is it for you? Hmm? Anyone who has to steal for a game as bad as CO is pathetic anyways lmao
if you are really curious on the case that is the only spec of dirt on my name, a camel traded me his gears on his own and i kept them. as to why the guy that was seen as the person that valued pride and honor so much, id say that after watching all my enemies do the same and moving up while i worked to full +8 with +12 weaps i realized nice guys always lose and if i have to lose to keep my pride until the game isnt worth playing then so be it. im not saying its right, im saying its perfectly normal these days. but at the end of the day thats the only thing people can bring up on me...idk if its pathetic or simply an indirect way of admitting my old perfect status.
Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
There are no spelling mistakes in any of my posts, I know this for a fact. There may be 1 or 2 abbreviations, for example saying herc for Hercules and tro for Trojan but that's that. And again, the two words you think Impulse spelt incorrectly, think again, as they were in fact, correctly spelt. It's funny that the "dictionary" you got the definition for mistakes from has spelling mistakes in it. So yes, if you want to pick up on others spelling/grammar (which by the way, you were wrong about on both accounts), then I will be a Grammar Nazi towards your posts.
i wont go and search for every mistake but somewhere on last page you forgot a space between your period and the next sentence. a capital too perhaps? forgot and cba checking.
Originally Posted by Impulse~ View Post
Don't even worry about it Matt, if he wants to try and tear apart my English he can try all he wants, but he never will. It's quite rare that I make a mistake unless it is intentional because I read and re-read everything I type at least once. if you want to turn english into a game then you should just stop using GW instead of Guild war (i assume you do this since EVERYONE does so dont even bother mentioning it if by some chance you are part of the 0.001pct people who dont)

Even if ther is tht much proplem four him too finger out the englihs I'm speak he's not realisse that Canadan Englihs is moer accrate then Amercan Englihs becuaze it is derrived from Europen Englihs.
not sure of the purpose behind this but im canadian (aswell?)
As for you Khaos, In response to my post not being on topictheres a reason i said trollpic instead of topic, thats a stupid game collosus started since hes decided to exagerate and bend every single rule so that he can use them for his own personal gain., maybe you should look at your own posts and your post countpost count? are you joking? you look down on me for my post count on vip forums? hahahahahahahah. I have yet to see a post from you that has any relevance to a topic...seriously i only counter-troll 1 person if you bothered looking at my other posts youd see they are useful so quit it with your invalid argument already Oh that's right, you made your "lower guild arsenal requirements" thread which seemed pretty genuine.thats one ofc...thought i didnt make any at all lol. But of course... That's coming from a noob who steals everything he's ever had on CO and therefore no one trusts him enough to join his guild so that he CAN get 15 BP from it. lets see, i have led gw winners for years and after my last gl quit (it was us vs server) i gave up on the big guild hating cycle since i refused to join the faggots i owned for years so i joined my friend who needed arsenal over 1month after i got +12s and yes i had decided to stay guildless which in case you havent understood yet is pretty awesome. the guild i am in right now consists of 3 best friends and tons of banned/quitted chars and the bp is 12, 1 more than the small anti-gw guild i had for almost a year before getting +12s. so do me a favor and next time you cant find a good argument try not searching desperately for my possible personal flaws...its rather pathetic.

Does it frustrate you that I and many other people with far worse gears have a 15 BP guild and you don't?as a DL, there is no wat i could get 15 bp now could i smartass Maybe that is why you troll Colossus so much, you don't like the fact that some 290 BP noob got a 15 BP guild pushing him above suggestion was to improve all of co and this includes dozzens of servers i dont play so please if you are against it use a rational argument not that pitiful self interest excuse. Guess what buddy, my guild was level 9 with 15 BP when I was full 2 socket +6, now that I have +12s it'll never go lower than 15 BP, level may go down because I kick inactive members and -donations every week, but the BP never will. Sometimes you just can't walk the road of loneliness and win. That's why scamming is frowned upon, not because you are taking someone else's things, but because no one will ever trust or help you again. there are things much worse than scamming on co so just because thats the only sin i commited doesnt mean you need to exaggerate it

Edit: Lmao just read his signature, if its accurate he only shares 11 BP from guild, either that or he shares 6 BP from guild and 5 from mentor. He probably enhanced them all by +2 and made the weapon +1 with his 2 +12 katanas LMFAO pathetic.
actually i should update it and yeah i share 12 and im a DL so cant enhance. as for enhancing, more than 1 dominating top guild and even 1 owned by a king who won gw again and again needed to enhance. oh and i never had a mentor on my ninja except for my naked tro who gained bless/exp. oh and my brilliant idea was inspired by a dude on community forums on a guild thread made by hemp, i just slightly modified it.

Originally Posted by SilentStrike View Post
Just a little factoid. That guild he's in was a friends. Very old guild that I highly doubt he contributed to.
thats true i never worked on it all i did was inscribe my gears when he wanted to revive it. dont try making something normal into a sin just because your enemy does/doesnt do it. its not like every single member of every single guild works equally on a guild rookie.
Originally Posted by Impulse~ View Post
Kinda have to feel a little bit sorry for him though, I know what its like to be called a scammer, people just don't give up no matter what.

I had someone steal my gears, but I didn't say anything for a loooong time because I didn't want to make a big deal about it, I didn't want people to know I was dumb enough to get scammed. So when I made a new char and got the person to trust me, when I took their gears I got called scammer for months until I finally decided to tell everyone that I got scammed first. But for Khaos, he actually DID so those remarks must never stop coming, I still get called a scammer occasionally even now and its been a year since I told people that I got scammed and I was just taking my things back. I guess he deserves it though. Maybe one day he'll cave and give them back to the owner HAH. oh the egy that gave me his gears was a botter and bought dbs for irl egy money. this makes the gears dirty so it doesnt matter if i kept them, right?

Monks are gay <-- Now this is on topic post
trololololol you get owned by monks ingame so you say they are gay. hahahahahahahahah

one of the funniest parts in my case is when 280-320bp nubs tell me they would pwn me without my cheaply gained +12s but people seem to have forgot i was rather powerful even before that and that i only gained 3 +12s and used my gears to make it into 10(or so? i cba logging on and checking to give my post such a pointless precision.) +12s. oh and i forgot to point this out before but i only recently got vip3.
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