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Originally Posted by WHITELIONX View Post
I'm sure there are legal channels to go through perhaps?
no there are not when u make an account u acknowledge u do not own the account. Pretty much tq can shut off there servers tomorrow give us nothing and it would all be legal as all accounts are there property. sucks yes but this is how all mmorpgs work and sadly there have been may games ive played were this has happened. tq is not obligated to replace stolen items or to return money they merrley do so in hopes that u will continue playing and continue spending money.

also to the original poster i would suggest flooding there ticket center with complaints until they do something but u should note that something may not be giving u your gear back it may be as simple as banning the hackers accounts. also if u have a picture of your gears that is dated to before the incident it might help to send them it as proof of your loss.
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