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you can throw 100 bulk packs into chi and still never truly max out- TQ your motives with every big update last 5 years has never fooled a single player. whos been commited since day 1. You really abuse your loyal players with updates like Talis/+12 new max / Lotto(sudden +8 wins biggest piss off ruining many) / DragonSOuls/refinery's/ and lots of others that all require huge amounts of cps so far above 20 dollar mark- Mind you these are great ideas for updates but you require thousands and thousands of dollars converted to cps all for a single game? your taking advantage of peoples addictive behaviours and you should be illegal and players refunded. This Chi system is a complete money pit with no bottom- Then you have the nerve to act like giving us 14 dollars worth of free chi a week is doing us the favor!

I feel so bad for the addicts your taking full advantage of to load your pockets.

your Just a game. and clearly outdated in terms of graphics by like 15 years, whats makes you worth so much more then the rest of the f2p games where 50 bucks makes you a GOD-and thats not exgaeration, 50 dollars in ALL f2p GAMES GET YOU SET TO COMEPETE WITH THE BEST.

I dont feel any passions in regards to developing this game for the players.
All TQ's PASSIONS that I have seen and is so clear to everyone else,

How to create the next best complex mass cash profit system.

2012 : Chi was born. chi stats exceed all past stat related updates combined- jus like dragon souls did. except this time you ain't getting maxed out chi no matter what you spend. This is that straw , Poor camel backs!
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