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Originally Posted by 5443978 View Post
Char name adam 137-137-137
Server: Volcano

lost all this
super 2 soc 2 sdg earings -5+7
super 2 soc 2 sdg armor -5 +12
super 2 soc 2 sdg bow -3 +7
(dragon soul)
super 2 soc 2 sdg ring -5 +8
(dragon soul )
super 2 soc 2 sdg boot -3 +7
Tower super 2 soc +7
fan super 2 soc +8
+6 steed

all super gear i made it all my self
i just lost 10 db's to her ling after she say she will trade the dbs and get gear i lost 10 more db's .all she ask for is stuff and she never give nothing for it..
Egpyt player go to go

Hay i might do the same thing i am vip 4 lost all my gear and and this noob keeps tell me she will give it back if i give her 100db's and i ask to see it and she say it on other char..
Sorry TQ i love this Game i really do but. man i am not going to support all the noob in this game. i was even ask for my REG Email from this person i told her no .. no she is telling me to quit game and give my char.. just some egpyt person with 0 vip and will never get vip

sorry co love the game but the scamer go to go
Simply its your mistake
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