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Originally Posted by 5443978 View Post
Char name adam 137-137-137
Server: Volcano

lost all this
super 2 soc 2 sdg earings -5+7
super 2 soc 2 sdg armor -5 +12
super 2 soc 2 sdg bow -3 +7
(dragon soul)
super 2 soc 2 sdg ring -5 +8
(dragon soul )
super 2 soc 2 sdg boot -3 +7
Tower super 2 soc +7
fan super 2 soc +8
+6 steed

all super gear i made it all my self
i just lost 10 db's to her ling after she say she will trade the dbs and get gear i lost 10 more db's .all she ask for is stuff and she never give nothing for it..
Egpyt player go to go

Hay i might do the same thing i am vip 4 lost all my gear and and this noob keeps tell me she will give it back if i give her 100db's and i ask to see it and she say it on other char..
Sorry TQ i love this Game i really do but. man i am not going to support all the noob in this game. i was even ask for my REG Email from this person i told her no .. no she is telling me to quit game and give my char.. just some egpyt person with 0 vip and will never get vip

sorry co love the game but the scamer go to go
sorry but you really are stupid if you gave the person who scammed you and happens to be egy 10dbs then you deserve getting scammed lol
L140, King
Super +12 2sdg -7 Earings p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Necky p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Katanas p6 2x
Super +12 2sdg -7 DexRing p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Boots p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Vest p6
Super +12 2stg -1 Fan
Super +12 2sgg -1 Tower
Super +12 Crop -1 2x -1 Wrenchs
+12 Frostbite Steed -1 cloudtiger
DivineRobe -1 MiraculousGourd -1
Super +12 2sdg -7 Scythe p6
Total BP: 385
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