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Originally Posted by 0.o View Post
So yeah not been playing for ages, because, well after all the splits (LION has had 2) I lost track of everyone I knew & there's no one left on LION I connect with. 90% don't even (bother to) speak english...
Start again on another server? are you kidding? (which server anyway? There's no rhyme nor reason to where people are from on each server, so connecting with people gets pretty random.
Costs far too much to move, and like I said where to? time to say bye!


I agree that it costs way too much to transfer (Not that the transfer are working, mind you.). And that's the problem with transferring: You have no idea who's on the server or what types of guilds are on there. The only way to find out is create a character on each server to check things out.
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