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Originally Posted by Putnam! View Post
-facepalm-....that guy is using a bot program, while having 3 conquers running on multiple user accounts is simply having 3 conquers running, meaning a person couldn't auto level all of those characters w/o a bot program

also the bot program won't require you to have more than 1 user account, its all done on the same user account, just called clientless , and scammers hmm doesn't require more than 1 player, and auto-mining wouldn't be auto-mining just regular mining meaning you would have to drop ores and watch for your gems, you wouldn't be able to auto-revive, etc...

there is nothing dodgy about it -.- its nowhere near a bot program, just a lot of characters afk
You asked for scenarios, I gave you perfectly good scenarios. As I said. Having more than 3 accounts online at the same time (even over multiple computers) is trying to give yourself an unfair advantage, even if you can't see it.

I will go a slightly different route to my original point of "auto-mining".. Ok, say someone was not using the auto-mining bot, but had 5-6 miners (over two computers) mining. This is trying to give an unfair advantage by increasing the probability of getting super gems/perm stones etc.

So yes, everything to find "loop-holes" into by-passing the maximum-character limit is dodgy!
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