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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
yes, you can auto level on them all. theres a video around somewhere of an auto leveler lvling 50+ characters at the same time. Does that mean he has 50+ computers?

Scams are a lot easier on multiple accounts. Auto-mining, auto-skill leveling, etc. As I have said, there is never any need to have more than 3 characters online. If you do, you are clearly trying to create an unfair advantage for yourself (even if you are using more than one computer)
-facepalm-....that guy is using a bot program, while having 3 conquers running on multiple user accounts is simply having 3 conquers running, meaning a person couldn't auto level all of those characters w/o a bot program

also the bot program won't require you to have more than 1 user account, its all done on the same user account, just called clientless , and scammers hmm doesn't require more than 1 player, and auto-mining wouldn't be auto-mining just regular mining meaning you would have to drop ores and watch for your gems, you wouldn't be able to auto-revive, etc...

there is nothing dodgy about it -.- its nowhere near a bot program, just a lot of characters afk
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