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Originally Posted by Putnam! View Post
yeaah not even going to bother with this one, mainly since you can have 2 computers with only 2 clients running on each one, which would exceed your "4 accounts online at the same time" and it will still be legit
Not saying theres not legit ways of having more than 3 characters. I'm saying to need them online at the same time causes reason to believe they are up to something dodgy.

Originally Posted by 8690281 View Post
It's simple to understand:
In a home, two brothers play conquer on their own separate computers. They have 3 clients running on each computer. Nothing illegal about that. 2 computers = 6 clients max, 3 computers = 9 clients max (i.e. three brothers).
Of course, this could also be 1 person who actually has 3 computers.
But, who's going to buy more computers just to run more clients? Whoever does that might as well buy bulks, lol - they're probably cheaper than buying another computer just to run 3 more clients.
I have 2 laptops and a desktop.. I didn't buy them for "downloading co" on. Need them for different things.
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