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Originally Posted by Bata View Post
is there anyway to buy the following stuff from co.?,
i mean co. tell me how much every item cost and i can send the money to make it and give to my char.,

Super +12 2sdg -7 Earings p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Necky p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Knifes p6 (2x)
Super +12 2sdg -7 DexRing p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Boots p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Armor p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Scythe p6
Super +12 2stg -1 Fan
Super +12 2sgg -1 Tower
Super +12 Crop -1 2x -1 Wrenchs
+12 Frostbite Steed -1 cloudtiger
DivineRobe -1 MiraculousGourd -1
maxout gears who dont want them !!! maybe one day co will sell maxout character with maxout gears and special/additional characteristics added to it
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