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很差 Upcoming Rush

This has gone overboard. When I bought particular garments and mounts I was charged 3999 cps for mounts and 675 cps for garments and some weren't even -1% damage. They were a one time deal we had to get them during that rush...but now they are in this new holiday rush for less than the price they originally went for.This basically means all my rare mounts and garments are now nothing and will be worth nothing. I honestly feel that I can never buy another garment or mount from rush again because they are not rare they are only for sale at quite high pricing only to be repopulated and sold later cheaper.

Even Evernight one of the most rare and expensive garments is in this rush

Also, I am one of only 2-3 people in my server with an elephant and now this will lose it's value and be included as well.

Link to Rush:
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