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i also refuse to play CO3. i have many lvl 130 accounts to where i swap my tailsman. NO WAY IN HELL im makeing 7 towers. 7 fans, 7 rings, 7 boots, 7 steeds, 7 crops, 7 armers, 7 hats, 7 neckys,7 gourds, 7 steeds, 7 weapons. thats thats wayyyyy to many dbs, and for those of you who are gonna post saying there are no tailsman or blessed crap, doesnt matter u get my point. and how you dont know TQ will change thier mind? not only will i NOT play CO3, i wont even read what it has to offer. i heard LOCKED items and that is enough. Soon the botters will break through their CO3 server, and we will be in the same place we are now, stuck in tc dcing every 3 minutes with nothing to do. BUT we will have started over and remailed TQ $$$$$ to make the new CO3 account.
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