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Originally Posted by RickFowler View Post
I LOVE hearing that CO2 will NOT be shut down due to CO3. Well folks it IS shut down. You cant do 80 pct of what the game offers. Their is absolutely no way to lvl,plvl,do jar quests,meteor showers,cps showers,hunt,loot,quests,mining gone, 110 dbs gone,cant do chi quests for xtra chi points, and now the 2nd rb map is packed with ninjas. THAT to me is shutting down CO2. You are trying to neglect us, and make us pissed about the botters, so that we will MOVE to CO3 servers. Thats why the bot isnt being worked on, your waiting for botters to completely run everyone off the game, and hope our love and addictions to CO will push us into CO3.
As my accts got banned for no reason. TQ replies as I have to admit for botting with my vip 7 acct. What a dumb idea that I would do that since spent thousand US dollars to build my +12 gears.

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