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Originally Posted by ZhaoLin View Post
due to the constant bots, modding in other games i created a single bot/mod.. this bot is going to be called a anti-bot, what it does is while using a IP tracker it tells who is botting/modding and also relays information for better proof while at the same time people cant deny they use bots due to the information given.

i may be Legit here for now but i have been sick of these bots since i started to play this yrs ago and i know many of you are as well. i also know you wouldnt want to sink to this degree but the anti-bot i am currently fine-tuning for better results actually Disables all bots within the area you are in(except the anti-bot). think of it as a Jammer that Jams Bots so they stop working while lag them out instead of Legit players.

if allowed i would ever so love to use it here just to be better prepared to fight botters. especially for pvp and their auto aim crap. i have been testing this on another game that supports bots/modders to a degree(updates/patches etc), and i have been receiving alot of complaints from the botters/modders that my program ceases the programs they use to cheat. while using it i received a email from the developers of the game asking for me to continue to use it since they never seen anyone think of a way and actually do something about it on their own to force people to go legit.

1 game i did this to on the 1st test it corrupted the file of a friend who literally used a bot only to help test it.


if this is allowed i would definitely share the program to other Legit players who literally would love to up and focus on stopping all botters instead of playing the game.
I would certainly support your program. If you could bring this idea to the Super moderator of this forum for consideration since TQ is obviously not doing anything about the BOTs. It is a shame that we the players are relentlessly doing everything to fight BOTs. This should be TQs job.

In my server, I have seen full +12 players and VIP level is VIP 2 at their main character. Some of them are piggyback VIPs LOL. Wake up TQ!!!! The botters are toppling over your economy by DBs being sold outside the game. Move your freakin ass and do something about it. The poster have something that can possibly counter the BOT programs. I suggest that you take a look at it since you havent came up with an effective solution...........
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