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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Well, I just received several reports that many people spread around the rumors that our Conquer Online 2.0 will be shut down because of the release of CO3, which has been confirmed to be a false presumption.

We're NOT going to shut down any games because of the new games, Conquer Online 3 will be a whole new game compared to what we have right now.

Both games will be running at the same time, players can get to choose which one they'd like to play.

In a word, Conquer Online 2.0 will NOT be shut down because of CO3. Thank you for your attention.
the "joke" that isnt that much of a joke thanks to your actions is that TQ is adding stupid updates to CO2 on purpose so that it becomes such a bad game everyone will quit and go to CO3 giving you an excuse to shut down CO2 after not a single player is left playing it.
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