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Default Just a thought/question

due to the constant bots, modding in other games i created a single bot/mod.. this bot is going to be called a anti-bot, what it does is while using a IP tracker it tells who is botting/modding and also relays information for better proof while at the same time people cant deny they use bots due to the information given.

i may be Legit here for now but i have been sick of these bots since i started to play this yrs ago and i know many of you are as well. i also know you wouldnt want to sink to this degree but the anti-bot i am currently fine-tuning for better results actually Disables all bots within the area you are in(except the anti-bot). think of it as a Jammer that Jams Bots so they stop working while lag them out instead of Legit players.

if allowed i would ever so love to use it here just to be better prepared to fight botters. especially for pvp and their auto aim crap. i have been testing this on another game that supports bots/modders to a degree(updates/patches etc), and i have been receiving alot of complaints from the botters/modders that my program ceases the programs they use to cheat. while using it i received a email from the developers of the game asking for me to continue to use it since they never seen anyone think of a way and actually do something about it on their own to force people to go legit.

1 game i did this to on the 1st test it corrupted the file of a friend who literally used a bot only to help test it.


if this is allowed i would definitely share the program to other Legit players who literally would love to up and focus on stopping all botters instead of playing the game.
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