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Originally Posted by RickFowler View Post
They better NOT combine 2.0 with 3.0. I have many accounts i trade my tower and fan to. CO3 items are NOT tradeable. So do i gear up my monk,pure water,warrior, or what. If items become bound i will anly have ONE geared account. and must BUY 3 more towers and fans. CO3 is a fail, i will not PLAY CO3!
LMAO untradedable gears means you have to make complete gears for each character . What does that tell you? When TQ nerfs the top character, players have to spend more money so to build another. $$,$$$.$$ for TQ. No thank you, I will not even give 3.0 a chance to be downloaded to my computer.
Originally Posted by Remix View Post
its a stupid idea to make a new account, the ideal or good thing to do is to transfer CO2 data to CO3 and make it work with the new technology, well i hope CO3 is done with resent technology, otherwise it will be an easy cracked game like CO2
Im sure 3.0 will be infested with botters in just a matter of time. Im not gonna waste my time with 3.0. Altho your idea would be great, TQ cannot even fix the present problem 2.0 have.
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