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This is the FIRST post of the botting generation, 2010 Cogenious was made and its been running ever since. Here is the creater of cogenious post NOTE the date......

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Now since TQ did nothing about this bot, someone else took this bot and made it better.......and named it conquer a i, this this their page....

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Now thats 2011, still no patch, and theirs 2 versions of the same kinda bot

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Hi there,

For many months now, we, Cyanogen & Nitroxide have been working on a project called CHROME, this is designed to be the most functioning and simple bot ever available for Conquer Online, it's not just a project to us, it's our full time job and so we pay full attention in taking care of our customers. With over 20 years of programming experience in multiple languages we feel we can easily compete with the standard of Conquer Online bots.

6 months later this chrome arrived, so now TQ has not 1 old problem....they have 2 new problems. This game is unsupported, over looked, and poorly ran. If TQ only cared about their customers like the botters do. THE BOT MAKER says its a FULL time job, all 3 bots cost between $15-$30. The botters sell the dbs for $2 dbs each, everyone is making a living off this game except TQ, thats why these stupid patches come out so that the bulkers have to mail in more to stay on top, chi is the biggest money maker yet im sure. Notice how theres always a class thats OP(over powered)? ninja OP so everyone BUYS dbs to make a ninja, then TQ nerfs its.(lowers the power,comes out with a subclass to counter it) Trojan Herc OP then they nerfed it, Monk still kinda OP, and now Pirate is super OP. BUY dbs to make a pirate and i gaurentee 4 months from now its nerfed.
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