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Originally Posted by User848875373 View Post
Ya "dumbass" is the right name for them . Reasoning to them is like talking to a rock . They dont know the real meaning of racism lol. Just tell them straight up to go to hell . They should start eating bacon for breakfast. Its brain food
Seriously, man, you make me laugh with every comment you post. You're wicked funny!

But you're right, reasoning with them is a no-go. And I hate the fact that they're always whispering me saying, "finger plz." I either outright block those people or give them the finger ... as in ,,!,, hahaha

And it's funny ... I really don't hate Egyptians at all, as a whole (Just on this game. LOL). I think their ancient history is absolutely fascinating.
"Rule through the fear of force." -- Grand Moff Tarkin
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