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Originally Posted by Macha View Post
LOL Okay, I can agree on that one, because this last event (Running with the Bulls) was a botters haven. They were everywhere I went, and particularly going crazy in Wind Plain.
Yup! Same thing on my server. I believe 90% of the loot was taken by botters hands down LOL. I gave up after a few minutes and sat my ass in TC. It was a total waste of time. Realistically, how can we compete with automation? Does TQ even think about us players benefits? Events like this can be easily be run over by botters. TQ will never get rid of botters because I believe TQ is the one creating these botters. Every event like CP showers, Meteor showers, are for botters. Botters with auto pick up will run circles around me 24/7. They are capable to pick up 20 cps before i can even see a shadow of 1 cp.
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