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Originally Posted by Macha View Post
I've decided that I'm going to create a character on CO3 (Just to try it out.), but I'm definitely not giving up CO2, considering the amount of money I put into it.
I honestly respect yours and other players desires. In my end, I would not even dare to take a peek at CO3.0. Its been proven in CO2.0 the failures TQ have done. I trully believe it will just be another money making sceme. The motto "We Listen We care" is just another bull crap. Why would they say that in CO3 and not apply in CO2? Everyone in this game knows HELP DESK or shall I say NO HELP DESK is a big joke that we players are being played into. 3.0 will be nice in the beginning and will start to deteriorate as it progress down the line. CO3.0 is also being carved out from the same block of wood as CO 2.0. Who the hell do they think they are kidding? TQ thinks everyone playing this game is stupid. Id rather spend my time playing other online games or stick with my Playstation and Xbox.
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