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Originally Posted by User848875373 View Post
Yes it would be nice to do up leveling without the botters.
I also agree with you that getting rid of botters can also be done. Problem is, TQ is not dealing with that problem. Instead, they want to make another game. Typical example. A seller in the market in my server has always a DB scroll for sale. Obiously, this is a botter generated/supplied DBs. Why cant TQ investigate this? Also players are selling DBs for money. It is offered for sale in the same town players for cash in a diffirent language and dialect to evade detection. I see this in my server on World chat. These players dont give a crap because they play Conquer in internet cafes.
You're absolutely right: They are not dealing with the botter problem properly at all.

You know, I've often said the same thing in the Guild Chat; It's obvious those who are selling 20 DBs at a time, or DB scrolls (Yes, there are those that have their shop loaded with DB scrolls on Gemini.), which the latter equals 43,000 CPs, are botters. There is no other explanation for it, especially when they are selling them for silver, not CPs. And well, who the heck has, at least, 15 million silver on hand? Botters!!! So yeah, I totally agree that these sellers should be investigated immediately.

I, too, often see people broadcasting DBs, as well as accounts, for sale off-game. Isn't that illegal, according to TQ's Terms of Service? And yet, nothing is done about it because GMs aren't actually ON the game to see it.
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