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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
Well the new Chi System was introduced today and I am totally lost here. So I have unlocked Dragon Pool or whatever it is called and tried adding points to stuff but nothing happens. I went on the site and read the Chi System introduction and still do not understand it.

Someone please break this down for me????
My new GL tried explaining it to me, but I still don't get it. Either way, I lost the 4000 study points the day it was introduced because of the LACK of explanation on how to use it. And then, I noticed on the site yesterday that TQ added a guide for it, though I didn't even bother to look at it, since, I know, that it will be a just as lousy explanation as everything else on their site. That is one thing I cannot stand about TQ ... they do not explain anything properly.

I say ... get rid of the Chi System immediately. It isn't doing anything for the "little guy," but rather helping those who are already bulked up to the max and can kill everyone on the server. I thought this system was supposed to help the "little guy," not make it harder???
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