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Originally Posted by ~*ThatGuy*~ View Post
Well my definition of playing is different than yours. If you think I am going to be on 24/7 you are wrong. I log in to tourneys and other quest so I get to witness the “disappointment” that goes on…. I don’t know and really don’t care what you definition is. As for what level of VIP, it shouldn’t matter to anyone. Obviously I can post on here and like you said that is just my opinion. Sir I will meet you in hell have a good one.
Sir, I dont think you are processing what you are reading . Read again. My replies are direct response to your quote. See the underlined statement . Now you are talking on both sides of your mouth LMAO. You are entitled to your opinion as I have said . Clearly, your second statement which I underlined is an attack to all the players that have legitimate grievances and disappointment stemiing from this game. They are players that are venting their frustrations as they felt cheated by this game.

My point still stands . I sure will be very happy to accept your invitation. Just make sure you bring on your big +12 gears. I assure you, you will be needing it
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