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Default I'm happy to report ...

That I haven't seen a single botter on the game today. I've done all the daily quests and 300s. In which case, all those areas are usually filled with bots, especially Frozen Grotto 2. It was totally awesome to actually play the game without being interrupted by bots killing all the monsters around me, making me wait until they leave the area for a few minutes.

I don't know exactly what TQ did, but whatever it was ... good freakin' job!

Not only was my game-play bot-free, but I also received a +2 stone for one of the 300s. I'm hoping to get my boots to a +5 before I hit level 130. I racked up 7 meteors (not including the one I got for completing a 300; I got a +1 stone, too), as well as 14 Refined gears, which I used to compose the second socket on my fan. What's even more, I snagged a Kylin gem and a Violet gem (I'm such a hoarder with gems. LOL).

All in all, so far today has been a excellent day playing Conquer.
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