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Originally Posted by 91User190337 View Post
happened to me too, i was about to buy CP on multiple characters but i was banned for "botting" (rawr~bear)-dark server, disappointed wanted to upgrade my stuff but didn't get to.
Well, now ... that totally sucks! Did you go through with buying CPs, or did you boycott it? I know I would've.

I was very ticked off yesterday, and I still believe that those who were wrongfully accused of botting and banned should receive some sort of compensation. I mean, by the time I was able to log on the game, it was late at night. I did Georgia's Request, but was still feeling very angry about the situation, so I logged off. I never would've been able to do all of the daily quests and 300s; there simply wasn't enough time to do it all.

Three of my characters got banned within 5 minutes of me logging them all on.
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